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Your Investment Success is Our Top Priority

Fee-Only Registered Investment Advice Consistent With Your Goals

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A Straightforward Investment Approach from Accessible Advisors 

At Orca Investment Management, we like to keep things simple.  We strive to produce stable, long-term investment returns for our clients and we know that chasing the “idea of the week” is not an effective strategy. We tend to stick to straightforward investments - individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs make up our core portfolios. We believe that we can satisfy our clients’ needs without making portfolios unreasonably complex. 

Generally, we work with individual investors. We strive to provide value-added services which would generally not be available for most retail investors. Our process can be broken down into two parts:

Part One: Discovery Meeting

The goal of this initial conversation is to simply become acquainted with one another and to understand your unique situation. Whether it be in person or by phone, we will discuss what you think that you need, as well as what your realistic risk tolerance is.

Part Two: Follow-Up

Following a successful initial discovery meeting, we will begin to move forward. Next steps vary depending on your situation, but often include a review of your current portfolio. Sometimes portfolios are adequate as is, but adjustments may be recommended. At this time, it is up to you whether or not to proceed. We will never pressure you to make a decision, and we encourage you to ask questions in order to make a well-thought out decision regarding your portfolio.

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Portfolio Management Simplified

Our Firm

With a combined 140+ years of experience in the investment management industry, our team is practiced and prepared to guide you and your portfolio.

Shawn Willard

Shawn has lived in the greater Portland area for most of his life.  After graduating from Portland State University in 1992, Shawn joined a local investment management firm as a securities analyst for a fund which specialized in small capitalization companies.  This was the beginning of his time spent at both buy and sell-side firms, primarily focusing on technology and growth-related companies.

Over time, Shawn migrated away from research and into Investment banking where he was part of a team which completed many Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Secondary Offerings, Private Placements and a variety of Merger & Acquisition assignments for many of the companies based on the West Coast.

In 2003, Shawn decided to return to his roots and founded what was to become Orca.  Starting with a handful of clients and less than $20 million under management, the firm has grown to two offices and eight people.  Shawn appreciates the challenges of running a growing firm and working with clients to provide them with a wide variety of financial solutions.

Shawn enjoys many outdoor activities, including fishing and hiking as well as playing competitive games such as poker, cribbage and chess.

Bill Barham

William (Bill) Barham was born in Portland, Oregon, in 1940, and married Edie Barham in 1965.  Bill is a graduate of West Linn (Oregon) High School and attended business classes at Lewis & Clark College, Portland State University and Southern Oregon University.  Bill began his career in the financial industry in 1970, joining a local brokerage company as a Registered Representative (Series 7 Broker).  In November 1972, Bill and two other brokers joined a Portland brokerage firm founded in 1931 and in 1974 acquired the business; Daugherty, Cole Inc.  Bill became an equal owner and officer as well as Financial Principal and later the firm’s Municipal Principal.

In June 1982, after building Daugherty, Cole into a successful broker/dealer, the three partners purchased a West Coast investment advisory firm and renamed it Bane, Barham & Holloway Assets Management Inc (BB&H).  By 2000, after successfully growing and managing the advisory business for 18 years, Bill’s partners had either retired or left BB&H.  Bill and Edie continued successfully as owners and were acquired by Orca in January 2013.

Bill continues to happily work full time as an Orca member, Sr. Vice President and Sr. Portfolio Manager.  Bill and Edie reside in Salem, Oregon, and have four children.  In addition to Bill’s love of managing portfolios and studying markets, Bill and Edie enjoy working around their farm, traveling and keeping up with their kids and twelve grand kids.

Roger Thomas

Roger was born in 1958 and raised in Jackson, Michigan, however, Roger graduated high school in Herndon, Virginia, after his father took a job with the US Government when Roger was 16.  Upon graduation, Roger returned to Michigan where he received a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in Accounting with a minor in Economics from Western Michigan University.

After college, Roger worked for a few years at Coopers & Lybrand where he received his CPA license.  Ultimately, Roger left public accounting and received a Masters of Business Administration degree in Finance and Real Estate from The University of Texas at Austin.

Upon graduation, Roger was employed by MetLife in its Houston-based investments office.  While at MetLife, Roger gained experience in both privately-placed and publicly-registered equities and fixed income securities; ultimately ending up in MetLife’s Portfolio Management Unit in New Jersey where he was responsible for managing a portion of MetLife’s general account investments and the related product liabilities.

In 1998, Roger was presented the opportunity to move west to oversee the Public Investments Department of a Portland-based registered investment advisor.  A few years later, Roger and a few of his co-workers founded their own registered investment advisor.  Roger joined Orca in early 2010, after winding down his previous firm.

Roger is married and has two adult children; one selecting the East Coast (New York City) and the other the West Coast (Oregon).  Most of Roger’s free time is spent playing the game of bridge.

Deleta Dickson

Deleta is an Oregon native, but has lived and worked in various parts of the US and abroad.  She graduated in 1995 from Willamette University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations.  She enjoyed a successful sales and marketing career and in 2005, she left the US and traveled throughout southeast Asia working in remote villages for a non-governmental organization  She met her husband Siti (a Fijian National) in Singapore and the two returned to the US in 2007. 

She started in the financial services industry as the Operations Manager for KLD Investment Management in 2007; a role she continued when KLD was acquired by Orca.  In 2013, she was promoted to Portfolio Manager.  In January 2018, after a two-year break, she returned to Orca and continues as one of the firm’s advisors.  She is located in the Roseburg office.

In addition to their five children (two of whom are adopted), over the years, Deleta and her husband have also fostered seven children.  They enjoy everything the Northwest has to offer including hiking, camping, skiing and the beach.


Paula was born in Wallace, Idaho, in 1947, and is a graduate of Mullan (Idaho) High School.  In 1965 Paula came out west to attend Pacific Business College.  She then worked for the Portland Public School District for seven years.  She then went on to Clackamas Community College; receiving an Associate of Arts degree in Business and Design.  Paula began her career in the financial industry in 1977, joining a local brokerage company, Daugherty Cole Inc., as a cashier in its back office.   In June 1982, she followed Bill Barham to Bane Barham & Holloway Assets Management Inc., then on to Orca in January 2013.  

Paula continues to happily work full-time as Orca's Operations Manager and Client Services representative.  In her spare time, Paula and her husband enjoy golfing, dancing, walking, and trying to keep up with their grand kids and the dog. 


Beth joined Orca in October 2010 to provide administrative assistance to Orca's personnel.  She has a varied background in office and project management, as well as client services.  Beth is responsible for a combination of administrative and operational functions, receptionist duties and client support.  Her commitment to Orca's clients is outstanding; greeting you in person when you walk in the door, or being the friendly voice that answers when you call Orca’s Roseburg office, Beth is ready to offer assistance.

Beth and her husband Dale enjoy the outdoors, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Nathan Barham

Information Technology Manager

Nathan was born in Medford, Oregon, in 1966, and is a graduate of West Linn (Oregon) High School.  He attended Hillsdale (Michigan) College for two years, and completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Willamette University in 1988.  Nathan began his career in the financial industry in 1999 by joining the brokerage firm Daugherty, Cole Inc., as a clerk. In 2009, Nathan transitioned to Daugherty, Cole's affiliated investment advisory firm Bane Barham & Holloway (BB&H) as its Information Technology Manager.  BB&H was acquired by Orca in January 2013, and he has continued with Orca in the same role.

Nathan is married and has two children.

Kimberly Friel

Chief Compliance Officer

Kimberly joined Orca as Chief Compliance Officer in January 2010 when Orca acquired KLD Investment Management.  Her career began in the financial industry in 2006 at KLD Investment Management as Operations Manager (until 2008) and Chief Compliance Officer. Kimberly received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration – Marketing Management from Oregon State University.

Kimberly is married and has two children.


Started the precursor firm to Orca Investment Management.


Successfully merged with KLD Investment Management, thus creating Orca Investment Management.


Roger Thomas joined the firm, bringing experience in fixed income securities. This provided the firm with a new foundation of expertise.


Merged with Bane Barham & Holloway; leveraging its support staff and information technology resources.

2013 - present

Orca Investment Management has continued to grow into the comprehensive investment management firm that it is today.

Our Only Motivation is

Your Investment Success

Why Fee-Only?

Fee-Only, Unbiased Advice Independent of Product Commissions

At Orca Investment Management, our structure is straightforward. We are a fee-only registered investment advisory firm; meaning that we charge a fee at a fixed rate for services and do not receive any other direct or indirect remuneration. We have no bias towards unnecessary transactions. Only after you open an account, sign an agreement, and transfer assets in would we begin charging for management fees.

While accounts are monitored on a day-to-day basis, we also conduct methodical account reviews quarterly to ensure that they are positioned as desired. Following this review, accounts may need to be rebalanced or tweaked based on risk tolerance. We use software to manage these changes and to handle any client-desired account restrictions in an automated way.

At Orca Investment Management, we focus on managing straightforward investments and not on overall financial planning. However, we foster long-term, trusting relationships with our clients and this often sparks one-off questions that may assist you with developing your overall financial plan. This could be a series of questions such as:

  • At what age should I give control of funds to my children?
  • If I do X, what does it do to my portfolio?
  • If I have a living trust, do I still need a will?
  • What types of assets count as tax-deductible gifts?



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